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Symfoni latex Mattress


Our Symfoni® Mattress is a game-changer. Made only with natural latex, now available at 20%-50% cheaper than most natural latex brands. How do we do it? No middlemen. We only use certified natural latex and oekotex-certified fabrics to make our mattresses.

Designed and made in Singapore, our body-contouring support mattresses are totally natural. No hybrids, no spring coils, SBR, or synthetic fillers are used to produce the latex cores. We never use chemical flame retardants, polyurethane foams, fiberglass, or adhesives to bond the layers. 

It's simply natural

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An All-Natural Latex Mattress -No synthetics, No Compromise 

Our mattresses are 100% all-natural and are European-certified to be 100% free of harmful chemicals or gases. We don't use memory foam or synthetic materials, so there is no compromise on your health.


The SYMFONI® is the best mattress brand in Singapore offering All-Natural Latex mattresses with personalised sweet spot comfort plus a naturally healthier and cool sleeping experience lasting as long as 20 years. 


Every mattress is a long-term investment in your back care and sleep quality.


Drop by for a chat with our sleep experts and a 45-minute Sleep Test with no obligations.

Our Sleep Studio is conveniently located next to the MacPherson MRT station.



We use only 100% pure and natural latex, with absolutely no synthetic latex (SBR), synthetic materials or fillers, to make our latex cores. In addition, our latex cores are European certified to be free from all harmful chemicals and gasses.


Natural latex cores offer protection against mould and dust mites and are excellent for people with allergies. They are also very resilient and can last as long as 20 years. 


Our latex cores are from Thailand, the largest producer of natural latex in the world today. Thai plantations produce higher-quality latex than other countries due to the high adoption of farming best practices.



With every SYMFONI® mattress, you don't have to settle for one specific firmness. Instead, our TD collections are dual-firmness; therefore, you can configure them to Medium or Firm to suit your personal comfort preferences. 


Every TD design is a product of feedback from our clients over the years, and we are fortunate to continue our conversations with them even years after their purchase. These conversations have helped us develop the perfect comfort sweet spot for different ages, sleeping styles and body weights.



Latex cores possess the natural elasticity to adapt to all body shapes and alleviate pressure points when you lie on the mattress. In addition, they don't sag and always keep the sleeper in a perfect sleeping posture.


We design our cooling mattress cores to further enhance this with a seven zone design targeting different body parts. Each zone is slightly varied in density so that they provide a more compact zone for heavier parts of your body and lesser compactness for lighter body parts.



A removable and cleanable mattress cover allows you to keep the hygiene much better. While the latex core protects itself very well, the fabrics do not have that capability. You don't want sweat, dust mites, mould, bacteria or unwanted odour on your mattress.
That's why a removable, cleanable mattress cover is the ideal solution to make sure your bed is clean and hygienic throughout the entire lifespan of your mattress.



A fine-tuned mattress firmness and its ability to keep you in a perfect posture are critical to a great night's sleep. So we designed each SymFoni mattress collection with the best version of firm support and plush comfort.

Our covers are knitted so they won't restrict the latex core's elasticity and render it "firmer". Also, our premium knitted Tencel cover are extra breathable, giving you that coolness and luxury comfort throughout the night.


Whether you are a back sleeper or a side sleeper, we have combined all the right ingredients in both our TD6 and TD8 mattress to give you that premium sweet spot comfort and 6-star feel.


Please drop by our studio & sleep test our mattresses personally.

Best Cooling Mattress in Singapore for Better Sleep

We are all aware of the Singapore climate, which is warm and humid all year. How to combat the nighttime heat and stay cool at night? Invest in an all-natural, breathable and cooling mattress in Singapore that will provide you with a restful night's sleep.

In addition, a latex mattress will provide a cooling sleeping surface generated from its naturally cooling characteristics without needing a chemically made cooling gel typically used in memory foam mattresses. Latex mattress cores allow air to move freely and therefore alleviate heat and help you sleep cool.

Sleep more soundly with a naturally cooling mattress from the best mattress brand in Singapore. Our mattresses are designed to fit all sleeping preferences, so you will definitely find one that meets your every need.

SYMFONI® all-natural latex mattress is the leading Singapore mattress brand that offers high-quality latex mattresses at affordable prices. At Bayshop, we specialise so you don't have to compromise on quality, comfort and sleep hygiene.




Our cores are 100% All-natural, made from latex sap from the rubber tree. Unlike synthetic foams, they are free from toxic chemicals and VOCs. 



Latex core contains millions of microscopic air chambers that allow air to flow through its core. They are naturally breathable, do not trap body heat, and keep the sleeping surface cool.​ 



The Latex sap produced by rubber trees protects the tree. Therefore, all-natural latex cores protect against dust mites naturally.  



 Mould does not grow on latex cores so you are assured of fungi-free mattress for life. Mould resistance in mattresses is essential, especially for Singapore's humid climate. 





"We've ordered both a regular mattress and latex mattress, as we needed a specific size (US California King) which we couldn't find easily. BayShop were super helpful and informative, fairly-priced, and provided excellent customer service during ordering, payment and delivery. We had custom-made mattresses, and protection covers made, all excellent. BayShop kept us updated on delivery timing, and arrived promptly with the goods.  Thank you for excellent service - we wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone. "

Matt & Jennier Jarvis


Shopping for a mattress is a unique process and requires time. So we have built a sleep studio where our clients can drop by for an exclusive session, where they get to sleep-test every mattress before deciding.



All our products are manufactured under strict quality control and are guaranteed against defects due to normal use within the warranty period stated.



Our support team will cater to your delivery arrangements and your preference in how you wish the mattresses to be set up, according to your comfort preference.



All SYMFONI® latex mattresses are made here in Singapore. Therefore, you get direct factory support and responsive post-sale service. We keep high standards on product quality but keep everything else simple to maintain affordable prices.​

What to consider when deciding which mattress size is a better fit:  

Are you happy with your current mattress size? Are you getting enough comfort and freedom for good sleep every night? If not, you may find it more pleasant to go one size up.


Are you taller and heavier than average? You may require a bigger mattress to be truly comfortable if you are extra taller or broader sized. For optimal comfort, consider buying a mattress at least 10-20cm longer than your height.


Do you Toss and Turn a lot? Are you a disciplined sleeper, or do you change positions frequently? When either one of you tosses or turns, getting a bigger mattress can give you a better night's sleep and fewer disturbances for the other one.


Do you get extra guests on your bed? While the mattress you choose may be large enough for you and your partner, do consider that you may have to share it with your little ones or even your pets from time to time. You don't want to be pushed into a corner for lack of space.


How big is your room size? Most importantly, remember to measure your room to make sure that the bed you are thinking of purchasing fits well in your room, allowing adequate space to move around it. In fact, for any piece of furniture you choose, measure your space, doorways, hallways and stairs to see if you can get the piece into your room.

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Sustainable rubber sap sourcing for eco-friendly natural latex mattresses

The Eco-Friendly Choice: Natural Latex Mattresses

The journey of a natural latex mattress begins with the rubber tree. This tree matures in about ten years and can be harvested for up to 24 years. The latex, a milky fluid, is collected by stripping away the bark to expose latex vessels, requiring half a day to fill a container under dry conditions.

In the current age of prioritising sustainability, natural latex mattresses emerge as an obvious choice. They offer several benefits, including:

  • Exposing sleepers to fewer harsh chemicals, enhancing both environmental and sleepers’ health and well-being

  • Being highly durable, lasting at least 10 to 15 years

  • Contributing to rubber plantation sustainability


Natural latex mattresses, made from a natural material, are a great option for those looking for a sustainable and long-lasting organic latex mattress, and latex pillows complement them perfectly.

These mattresses are made from natural rubber sap sourced from sustainable plantations, predominantly found in tropical regions. The sap is processed into latex foam using natural, energy-efficient methods without harmful chemicals, making it a sustainable choice. Moreover, natural latex mattresses are:

  • Made from renewable resources

  • Biodegradable, ensuring they don’t contribute to landfills

  • Reduce environmental impact

  • Demonstrate good investment sense.

From Tree to Bed: The Journey of Natural Latex

After collection, the latex is processed at a central facility on the plantation and then transported to manufacturing plants. The manufacturing process involves several steps:​

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