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Best Mattress for your newborn

We understand the importance of providing a safe and non-toxic environment for your little one. Hence, we design and craft our baby cot mattresses from only 100% natural latex. 


Inspired by nature, the Symfoni® LittleTex is ideal for parents searching for a non-toxic crib mattress free of harmful chemicals, heavy metals, VOCs, or glues. 


Available in standard and custom shapes and sizes.



We use only 100% pure and natural latex, with absolutely no synthetic latex (SBR), synthetic materials or fillers, to make our latex cores. In addition, our latex cores are European certified to be free from all harmful chemicals and gasses.


Natural latex cores offer protection against mould and dust mites and are excellent for people with allergies.

Our latex cores are from Thailand, the largest producer of natural latex in the world today. Thai plantations produce higher-quality latex than other countries due to the high adoption of farming best practices.

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Available in medium-firm density, the Symfoni® baby latex mattress provides just the right firmness to support your little one's spinal development without being too hard or too soft. 

Furthermore, this natural latex mattress does not envelop the shape of your child's head but bounces right back up, eliminating the risk of suffocation. Endowed with natural elasticity, our Symfoni® baby mattress comes with soft, knitted Tencel covers that do not trap heat.

As a result, you can let your little ones sleep in a hygienic and hypoallergenic environment. 



The open cell structure of our latex cores allows air circulation, which far exceeds synthetic, blended, or petroleum-based polyurethane foams.


Our latex cores are mono-zone, so the pinholes are evenly distributed as babies do not sleep in a single spot like adults. Most importantly, they self ventilate to keep the mattress cool while reducing the risk of suffocation among babies.


Cradle your newborn in this breathable and safe mattress that offers the same comfort during warm and cold temperature extremes. 

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The Symfoni® baby latex mattress is 100% free of harmful chemicals and nasty off-gassing in foam and spring mattresses.

The bonus from nature is while latex sap protects the rubber tree, mattresses made from latex are also resistant to dust mites and fungi, with zero chemicals.

This hypoallergenic, anti-microbial mattress will help your baby sleep soundly and safely, free from allergens, dust mites and bed bugs.

Sleep Test Before You Buy

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Health Benefits for Children



Our cores are 100% All-natural, made from latex sap from the rubber tree. Unlike synthetic foams, they are free from toxic chemicals and VOCs. 


Dust Mite Free

The Latex sap produced by rubber trees protects the tree. Therefore, all-natural latex cores protect against dust mites naturally.  


No Mould

Mould does not grow on latex cores so you are assured of fungi-free mattress for life. Mould resistance in mattresses is essential, especially for Singapore's humid climate. 


Baby Sleeps Cool

Latex core contains millions of microscopic air chambers that allow air to flow through its core. They are naturally breathable, do not trap body heat, and keep the sleeping surface cool.​ 

Standard Sizes

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