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On average, we spend around a third of our lives sleeping. So why compromise when it comes to choosing a mattress?


We believe that a good night's sleep is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, we make no compromises when making our latex mattresses.


It's all-natural or nothing at all! 

Natural rubber latex trapped from rubber

Natural Rubber - 100% Pure latex

We work directly with our partners in Thailand to bring you the best premium quality latex cores available. We use only 100% pure and natural latex, with absolutely no synthetic latex (SBR), synthetic materials or fillers. 

Thailand is the largest producers of natural latex in the world today. Adopting farming best practices, the quality of latex produced in Thailand is better than latex from other countries

Dunlop process - the technology

We make our all-natural latex mattresses using the traditional Dunlop process, which is less resource-intensive and entails fewer steps than Talalay. So it helps keep our environmental footprint low without sacrificing quality or comfort.


Dunlop latex is denser and more resilient than Talalay latex foam mattress. In addition, our factory's in-house test lab selects only the highest quality of latex milk for improved durability. As a result, it achieves up to 98.5% of natural latex content in each mattress core.


Therefore, our latex cores can last up to 20 years, which is much longer than many other mattresses and helps to protect the world's natural resources.


Latex foam is tested and certified to have a minimum of 95% of Natural Latex Content and free of hazardous compounds.


Comply with international VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) requirements that safeguard the environment and human health.

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Resiliency test: sample compressed 60,000 times (around a lifetime use).




Sleep Test Before You Buy

Visit our Sleep Studio for an exclusive test session


Our full latex mattress singapore collection is built from the ground up by our Singapore design team. Each mattress is reimagined through research and listening to our clients, tested and re-tested, leaving no stones unturned, to create the perfect mattress range. We are incredibly proud to say that they are the people's choice mattresses.

Twin Density Design

Our Natural Latex Mattress combines premium-quality all-natural latex cores with clever design.  We developed many ideas and knowledge through the many conversations with our clients over the years.  These conversations have given us insights to design our mattresses with two densities to offer a better sweet spot in comfort.

You can configure the mattress in a medium or firm comfort setting. So whether it is a matter of preference or to alleviate a sore back, you can customise your bed to fit your specific comfort needs.

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The Right Firmness

All latex cores are very supportive and very responsive to your unique body shape.  So in a sense, all latex cores are naturally firm, support wise. However, what gives you an unparalleled nightly rest is its natural plushness that relieves pressure while gently holding your natural and best sleeping posture. So you can say that, with a natural latex mattress, you can have the pie and eat it too! 

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What you can expect when sleeping on a natural latex mattress:


  • Your shoulder & hips disappear perfectly into the mattress  

  • Your weight is supported perfectly without harshness to your joints and nerves

  • When you sleep with good posture, all the aches and pressure points mitigated


The density levels of our mattress cores


The density of each mattress cores corresponds with the amount of liquid latex used to make each core.  We have designed our latex cores in two density options for our Singapore market - Medium and Firm.


Medium Density

Most side and back sleepers will prefer the medium.  It is plusher and provides more pressure relief to the sleeper than a firm density core.

Firm Density
This is the preferred density for back and stomach sleepers.  However, it should not be mistaken for being hard.  It feels more compact than a medium core but is still plushier than a traditional firm mattress.  


Natural Spinal Alignment

We have created the right density formula for our latex cores to, first and foremost provide firm support for the sleeper. But, on the other hand, its plushness will cushion your shoulders and hips to relieve any pressure that will cause discomfort. The final result is that you sleep with the perfect posture night after night.  

Sleeping on a too soft or too hard mattress can give you back soreness and pain. The myth is that "orthopaedic mattresses" adequate for back support needs to be stiff and hard. However, research tells us that hard mattresses do not mean firm support; that is why the natural latex core redefines a firm mattress that doesn't have to feel like a concrete floor. 


On the other hand, memory foam mattresses are too soft and cause the sleeper to sink too deep into the bed. As a result, the sleeper will spend the whole night in the wrong posture and spinal alignment.



A two-cover construction protects each mattress:​

The Inner cover: A light but solid cotton fabric will line and protect every latex core from tears, especially when removing the outer covering for cleaning. 

The Outer cover: A premium removable Tencel Fabric outer cover finally finishes and protect every mattress, to give an elegant, smooth and cool sleeping surface.

Advantage of a removable cover

A removable and cleanable mattress cover allows you to keep the hygiene much better. While the latex core protects itself very well but the fabrics do not have that same capability. You don't want the sweat, dust mites, mould, bacteria or unwanted odour on your mattress.


That's why a removable, cleanable mattress cover is the ideal solution to make sure your bed is clean and hygienic at all times.



Tencel is a natural fibre that is as smooth if not smoother than high-quality cotton fabrics.  It is very breathable, manages moisture exceptionally well, and does not need any cooling gel (memory foam) to keep them nice and cool sleeping surface.  


Tencel Lyocell and Modal fibres help to maintain the environmental balance by being integrated into nature's cycle. The fibres originate from the renewable raw material wood, created by photosynthesis—the manufacture of certified biobased fibres using an environmentally responsible production process. The fibres are certified as compostable and biodegradable and thus can fully revert to nature.


Tencel fibres are extracted from sustainably grown wood using a unique closed-loop system that recovers and reuses the solvents used, minimising the environmental impact of production. The unique physical properties lead to their high tenacity profile, efficient moisture management and gentleness to skin.

Sleep Test Before You Buy

Visit our Sleep Studio for an exclusive test session




Our cores are 100% All-natural, made from latex sap from the rubber tree. Unlike synthetic foams, they are free from toxic chemicals and VOCs. 



Latex core contains millions of microscopic air chambers that allow air to flow through its core. They are naturally breathable, do not trap body heat, and keep the sleeping surface cool.​ 



The Latex sap produced by rubber trees protects the tree. Therefore, all-natural latex cores protect against dust mites naturally.  



 Mould does not grow on latex cores so you are assured of fungi-free mattress for life. Mould resistance in mattresses is essential, especially for Singapore's humid climate. 


"I was having back issues due to sleeping on a mattress that was too soft (memory foam). I decided to get a latex mattress topper (3 inches). It gave the right amount of support while still being very comfortable. My back pain has gone away and I highly recommend latex mattresses / toppers. The customer service was great as I was able to go down try out the mattress topper, and they were able to expedite my delivery and order earlier (which really helped relieve my back pain). Thanks for the great customer service"

—  Tilden Wu

A Singapore Latex Mattress: What are the advantages?

We design and complete all SymFoni mattresses here in Singapore. There is a multitude of advantages to being a local brand; the following are some of the areas where we differentiate from others:


  • Local warranty and support

  • We understand your needs better

  • Sleep studio to test before buying

  • Quick response to enquiries and post-sales support

  • Made to order, so there is no old stock

  • Customise to specific sizes in a short time

  • Available in 2 standard lengths: 190cm or 200cm 


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+65 6816 1885 

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