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Designed to deepen your sleep and help you be the best version of yourself, our SYMFONI® natural latex mattress is chemical-free, sleeps cool, keeps your spine well-aligned, and has pressure-relieving qualities that ensure you wake up fresh and pain-free.


Rubber Tree

A Latex Mattress should be made only from 100% natural latex cores and should not contain spring coils, synthetic foams or memory foam. As it is natural, it is best to compliment the latex cores with knitted and natural fabric covers that are also naturally breathable. 

From Rubber Tree to Bed - 100% Pure latex

Latex foam is made from latex produced directly from rubber trees in plantations found only in tropical regions such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. These rubber trees are carefully cultivated and sustainably harvested, ensuring minimal environmental impact. 

We work directly with our partners in Thailand to import the best premium-quality latex cores made from 100% pure and natural latex, with absolutely no synthetic latex (SBR), synthetic materials, or fillers.

The Dunlop Process - Energy Efficient

We make our all-natural latex mattresses using the traditional Dunlop process, which is less resource-intensive and entails fewer steps than Talalay. This process keeps our environmental footprint low without sacrificing quality or comfort.

Dunlop latex is denser and more resilient than Talalay latex foam mattresses. In addition, our factory's in-house test lab selects only the highest-quality latex milk for improved durability. As a result, each mattress core achieves 95% to 98.5% natural latex content.

Therefore, a latex core can last up to 20 years, much longer than many other mattresses, and helps to protect the world's natural resources.

Read more about types of latex mattresses. here

We spend around a third of our lives sleeping. So why compromise when it comes to choosing a mattress? We believe a good night's sleep is the foundation of a healthy life. Therefore, we make no compromises when making our latex mattresses.

It's all-natural or nothing at all! 


A mattress made with only natural latex offers benefits that no other type of mattress can. They are hypoallergenic and chemical-free and, therefore, perfect for people with allergies. Latex cores are firm and, at the same time, have a plush nature that relieves pressure on your shoulders and hips. It also conforms to your body curvatures, keeping you in the perfect posture to alleviate aches and pains compared to mattresses that are too soft or hard.


The following are 7 Important Benefits of a 100% Natural Latex Mattress:

1. Certified free from harmful chemicals and toxic substances

2. Hygienic and Allergy free properties of 100% Natural Latex



Our cores are 100% All-natural, made from latex sap from the rubber tree. Unlike synthetic foams, they are free from toxic chemicals and VOCs. 



The Latex sap produced by rubber trees protects the tree. Therefore, all-natural latex cores protect against dust mites naturally.  



 Mould does not grow on latex cores so you are assured of fungi-free mattress for life. Mould resistance in mattresses is essential, especially for Singapore's humid climate. 

Breathable Latex Core

3. Naturally Cooler than any other type of mattress

A cooler mattress helps you sleep comfortably through the night. Spring mattresses, Hybrids, and other types of mattresses may claim to provide cooling features, but they do not breathe well and require infused gels or chemicals to cool, exposing you to chemicals and potential hazards.

Nothing beats a latex mattress's natural coolness. Its unique open-cell structure allows air to circulate freely, preventing heat build-up. This is why we use only latex to make our mattresses.
The open-cell structure of a latex core promotes air circulation inside the core itself. It is inherently breathable and ideal for Singapore's warm climate. The pin-holes in a latex mattress further affect airflow, making it the coolest mattress money can buy.

Our mattress covers are also knitted and made with premium Tencel fabrics. This further maintains breathability and enhances the thermal comfort of our SYMFONI® latex mattress. We do not use gels or gel-infused covers as these are chemical agents that may off-gas and contain toxic ingredients.


4. Firm Support but gently relieving pressure at the same time

A latex mattress is unique because it is firm (support-wise) and plush (comfort-wise) at the same time. Its natural elasticity bounces back when you place your weight on it, but the pushback is not hard like that of spring mattresses but gentle and pressure-relieving. This pushback is important for maintaining the ideal sleeping posture and will not let you sink in like memory foam mattresses.

For heavy people, this gentle support is crucial. It offers firm support without making you feel like you're sleeping on a hard floor.

What sets a SYMFONI® latex mattress apart? Its latex core's unique ability to mould to your body's contour offers an unparalleled sleep experience marked by:

  • Supreme comfort for all sleeping positions

  • Responsive Support

  • Correctly support and align your spine

  • Pressure relieving

Natural Latex mattresses also offer motion isolation features, ensuring that one sleeper's movement does not disturb the other and promoting uninterrupted rest.


5. One Mattress, Dual Firmness - Our unique Twin Density design

Our SYMFONI® Mattress is built with a multi-layer design to give you personalised comfort and support. Our TD (Twin Density ) mattress combines medium- and firm-density layers. What you get is a better sweet spot, where it is neither too soft nor too hard!

With a SYMFONI® TD Mattress, you don't have to select a medium or firm mattress—you get both for the price of one! We recommend starting with a medium mattress, but you can easily convert it to a firm by flipping it over.

This dual firmness option allows you to customise your sleeping experience according to your preference and comfort needs.


Many times, you encounter a mattress that is a bit too soft or firm for your liking. \With our SYMFONI® Twin Density mattress, you will find your perfect sweet spot.


Medium density rating: 70-75kgs/m3

Firm density rating: 80-85kgs/m3.


Set your mattress to a medium or firmer feel by simply flipping it to specific layer.

Customized latex mattress options for personalized sleep comfort

6. Natural Spinal Alignment: Sleep in ideal Posture

We have created the right density formula for our latex cores to, first and foremost, provide firm support for the sleeper. But, on the other hand, its plushness will cushion your shoulders and hips to relieve any pressure that will cause discomfort. The final result is that you sleep with the perfect posture night after night.

Sleeping on a too-soft or too-hard mattress can cause sore shoulders and back pain. There is a myth that "orthopaedic mattresses" need to be stiff and hard, which actually causes numbness and bed sores. However, research tells us that hard mattresses do not mean firm support, so the natural latex core redefines a firm mattress that doesn't have to feel like a concrete floor.

Conversely, memory foam mattresses are too soft and cause the sleeper to sink too deep into the bed. As a result, the sleeper will spend the whole night in the wrong posture and spinal alignment.


7. Long Lasting Durability and easy to maintain

Natural latex mattresses are renowned for their exceptional durability. They commonly last well over a decade, requiring replacements far less frequently and contributing to sustainability. The resilience of natural latex allows these mattresses to maintain their shape and support for extended periods, leading to fewer disposals and a reduction in waste.

When evaluated against other types of mattresses, natural latex mattresses tend to outperform in terms of longevity, specifically with high-quality, 100% latex options that provide durability without the need for frequent replacements. The durability of latex mattresses is influenced by factors including maintenance routine and material quality. Proper care, such as using a supportive bed frame and avoiding UV exposure, increases the potential lifespan to at least 20 years.

Removable covers: Easy maintenance

Your bed sheets keep your mattress fresh and are easy to wash regularly. However, if you encounter a spill, our 2-cover system allows for easy maintenance. Simply unzip the outer cover and throw the top part into the washer. While the inner cover cannot be removed, you can easily spot-clean the affected areas.


The Inner cover:

A light but solid inner cover will line and protect every latex core from tears, especially when the outer cover is removed for cleaning.

The Outer cover:

A premium removable Tencel Fabric outer cover finally finishes and protects every mattress, giving an elegant, smooth, and fresh sleeping surface.


The benefit of a removable cover

A removable and cleanable mattress cover allows you to keep them fresh. While the latex core protects itself well, the fabrics do not have that capability. You don't want the sweat, dust mites, mould, bacteria or unwanted odour on your mattress. That's why a removable, washable mattress cover is ideal for ensuring your bed is always fresh and hygienic.


Every mattress is a long-term investment in your back care and sleep quality.


Drop by for a chat with our sleep experts and a 45-minute Sleep Test with no obligations.

Our Sleep Studio is conveniently located next to the MacPherson MRT station.


"I was having back issues due to sleeping on a mattress that was too soft (memory foam). I decided to get a latex mattress topper (3 inches). It gave the right amount of support while still being very comfortable. My back pain has gone away and I highly recommend latex mattresses / toppers. The customer service was great as I was able to go down try out the mattress topper, and they were able to expedite my delivery and order earlier (which really helped relieve my back pain). Thanks for the great customer service"

—  Tilden Wu

How to Care for Your Latex Mattress

After investing in a latex mattress, proper care is vital to maintain its good condition for an extended period. Use a fully enclosable, cleanable mattress cover to protect the latex mattress from perspiration, bed bugs, and stains, and clean this cover as necessary. It’s also important to keep your mattress out of direct sunlight, especially when the mattress cover is off for washing, to protect the integrity of the latex.

When using a mattress protector, select one made with natural and breathable fabric to avoid obstructing the air flow. If any stains do occur, address them promptly to prevent discoloration or damage to the latex; for tougher stains, use water or a mild detergent.

Regular Maintenance for Long-Term Comfort

Rotation and cleaning are some common concerns related to latex mattress care. Rotating or flipping a latex mattress every six months helps to distribute body pressure and maintain comfort uniformly, and occasionally, flipping it over can also extend the mattress’s life.

Consistent washing of your bed sheets is crucial to preserve the enduring comfort of your bed. If you have pets or often snack in bed, use a mattress protector to add a layer of protection that helps prevent stains and spills from soaking in, making it easier to maintain cleanliness. 

If a spill occurs on the latex mattress, immediately blot out moisture with an absorbent cloth. For stains, gently scrub the affected area with a mixture of water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid or an enzyme cleaner for effective removal.

Always remember never to dry the latex mattress in direct sunlight to prevent oxidation and damage, and avoid using hydrogen peroxide and strong cleaning agents, which can deteriorate the latex material and void your warranty.

A Singapore Latex Mattress: What are the advantages?

We design and complete all Symfoni® mattresses here in Singapore. There is a multitude of advantages to being a local brand; the following are some of the areas where we differentiate from others:


  • Local warranty and support

  • We understand your needs better

  • Sleep studio to test before buying

  • Quick response to enquiries and post-sales support

  • Made to order, so there is no old stock

  • Customise to specific sizes in a short time

  • Available in 200cm lengths. Perfect for tall people.


We're Here To Help

Our expert sleep consultants are ready to assist you with all your sleeping concerns when you visit our Sleep Studio. Book an appointment now and visit us at 140 Paya Lebar Road #09-12 (S)409015

Monday: 12nn - 5pm

Tue - Fri: 10am - 6pm

Saturday: 11am - 6pm

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