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While mattress size may not be the sole factor in determining the quality of your sleep, there is no denying that it plays a significant role. There are four standard mattress sizes in Singapore - single size, super single size, queen size, king size. Correspondingly, most home furnishing stores in Singapore offer these four standard bed frame sizes. However, do take note that IKEA mattresses and bed frames do not follow standard Singapore mattress sizes.

A good night's sleep determines how we perform during the day. With hectic schedules and little time to relax, getting a good night's sleep helps us stay on top of everything. But like many of life's luxuries, you can't have it without getting the basics right.

This article will discuss the standard mattress sizes available in Singapore and compare them with alternative dimensions that may help upsize your sleep quality.


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Let's look at the options available for the single sleeper:

Single Size 91 x 190 cm. 

The single bed mattress is the smallest standard size in Singapore. Its measurements are derived by converting from empirical units 36 inches wide (3') and 75 inches long (6' 3"). Therefore, if you order a bed frame made in Singapore, the chances are that the manufacturer would adhere to this dimension.

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Super Single Size 107 x 190 cm.

The super single bed size measurement is just 6 inches wider than the single bed, with the same length. Therefore, you will get another three inches of additional space on your left and right.

The Super single should be a starting point for adults.  

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At BayShop, we offer an alternative size for the single sleeper. It is called the small double size.

Small Double Size 120 x 200 cm.

The small double size gives you more room for turning and stretching than the Single and Super Single. The standard length is 200 cm, but we also offer a small double 120x190 mattress Singapore.

The 120x200 bed size is more known as UK small double mattress, which is a great option for apartments in Singapore


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For the couple, there are two standard bed sizes available in Singapore. However, do bear in mind that the measurements specify the mattresses' dimensions and not the bed frame.

Queen Size 152 x 190 cm.

The Queen size mattress is the most popular. Its technical measurements are 60 inches ( 5') by 75 inches long (6'3"). The queen mattress in Singapore will fit two adults nicely.

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King Size 182 x 190 cm.

The King size mattress actually measures up to two single size beds. However, you tend to feel more spacious than sleeping in two separate singles because of the shared space in the middle. The standard King size is measured at 72 inches ( 6')

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As Singapore becomes more metropolitan, more alternative-sized beds are imported by retailers or shipped home by Singapore residents or expatriates relocating here.

At BayShop, we offer an even larger king size mattress: the Eastern King, also known as the American King.


Eastern King Size 193 x 202 cm. The Eastern King is an almost square-shaped mattress ideal for more significant sized individuals.

THE LENGTH OF THE BED - 190 cm vs 200 cm

As Singaporeans are getting taller, the length is also an essential aspect of sleep comfort. For example, a person standing at 1.8 metres tall will find the standard 1.9-metre bed a tad short, causing their ankles to over-hang at the end of the mattress. This typically would force the sleeper to compromise their sleeping posture by tucking in, thus potentially causing some aches here and there.

At BayShop, we have noticed this trend and have been offering standard two metre long mattresses since 2015, priced the same as a 1.9-metre mattress. Therefore, our SymFoni range of mattresses is designed at two-metre lengths, and we recommend this length as long as your bedroom can accommodate it.


As latex mattresses are a product of nature, every single piece of latex core is vulcanised in a mould. The outcome depends on the natural latex, the environment, gravity, and more. Just like the process of baking bread, although every piece is baked in the same way, it never comes out the same. So it is for a latex core; every piece is unique.

Therefore, just as there is a tolerance level in the density of each latex core, you should expect tolerance of +/- one to two centimetres in the measurements of each mattress size. However, if you want a perfect latex core, the only way is to introduce synthetic materials ( which is a really bad idea! ). So, we must accept that nature is always perfectly imperfect.



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Single Size
For the Junior sleeper

Super single mattress in Singapore is best suited for small children after they outgrow the baby cot. Due to their smaller dimensions, they will fit easily in your child's room while leaving more space around the bed for playing and reading. In addition, our SymFoni Junior and TD6 single Mattress is ideal for bunk beds because of their lower profile.



  • It takes up less space in the room

  • Good sleeping space for a child to grow


  • Lower quality of sleep for adults

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Super Single
For the Teen and Adult

The Super single provides an upgrade for the early teen to an adult sleeper. The difference between single and super single is that the super single latex mattress offers a more comfortable sleeping space and is ideal for the smaller common rooms in apartments.

- Improve sleep quality
- Add-on price may not be too substantial
- It takes up more space in the room

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Small Double
Perfect for Single Sleeper

The Small double mattress size is 30% wider than a single size mattress. As a result, the small double provides room for much manoeuvring, and the quality of sleep is significantly improved.

- Excellent comfort and sleep quality for the single sleeper
- A good guest bed for two for short term stays
- Higher price than a Super Single

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Popular Couple's Choice

The queen size mattress in Singapore is the most popular size and is best for couples who don't have a lot of bedroom space to work with. Also a good choice for single adults who enjoy a bit more luxurious room on the bed.
- Provides couples with adequate personal sleeping space
- Fit most Master bedrooms
- Cannot accommodate your child

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Ideal Choice for New Parents

If you have a large bedroom, the King size mattress is ideal. It is also a better fit for more significant individuals or if you have kids who like to share your bed.
- More room and can accommodate your child
- It can be personalised with a different firmness on each half of the Mattress
- It takes up a lot of space in the room

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Eastern King
Best for Large Room

The Eastern King is 193 cm wide and 202 cm long, giving extra buffer space for your child and even a pet to tuck in at times. Ideal for couples who enjoy broader and more extended sleeping spaces.

- Better fit for bigger and taller people
- Can accommodate your child and pet
- It takes up a lot of space in the room


Every mattress is a long-term investment in your back care and sleep quality.


Drop by for a chat with our sleep experts and a 45-minute Sleep Test with no obligations.

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What to consider when deciding which mattress size is a better fit:

Are you happy with your current mattress size? Are you getting enough comfort and freedom for good sleep every night? If not, you may find it more pleasant to go one size up.
Are you taller and heavier than average? You may require a bigger mattress to be truly comfortable if you are extra taller or broader sized. For optimal comfort, consider buying a mattress at least 10-20cm longer than your height.
Do you Toss and Turn a lot? Are you a disciplined sleeper, or do you change positions frequently? When either one of you tosses or turns, getting a bigger mattress can give you a better night's sleep and fewer disturbances for the other one.
Do you get extra guests on your bed? While the mattress you choose may be large enough for you and your partner, do consider that you may have to share it with your little ones or even your pets from time to time. You don't want to be pushed into a corner for lack of space.
How big is your room size? Most importantly, remember to measure your room to make sure that the bed you are thinking of purchasing fits well in your room, allowing adequate space to move around it. In fact, for any piece of furniture you choose, measure your space, doorways, hallways and stairs to see if you can get the piece into your room.

You can find out more about world sizes here: world mattress sizes.


The following are some reasons why is feasible to customise a mattress: 

  1. A mattress to match an imported bed frame

  2. A mattress to match a custom-made bed frame or platform

  3. You are very tall or want an extra-large sleeping space

  4. A mattress for your Yacht

  5. The mattress needs a cut-off due to columns or odd wall angles


We have come across some enquiries that proved to be scenarios where the cost of customising outweighs its benefits. The following are some:

  1. A mattress only for short term use.  

  2. Small mattress to fill gaps or add to the width or length of an existing bed.

  3. Customise a mattress for sofa/beds that are not built to last or is already in poor condition.

  4. For tiny space that does not fit the sleeper adequately.

More info. on customisation:  Made to Order mattress

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