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Are you sleeping well?  When it comes to mattresses, size does matter.


Many of our clients tell us their sleep was not ideal due to the lack of turning space.  Also, many tall sleepers are making do with standard 190cm length mattresses when they are taller than 1.80cm. 


Therefore, our mattress collections offer 200cm length mattress as a standard option. ( Latex Mattress )


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Single size

A Single size mattress is 91 cm wide.  It fits a child and all the way to a mid-sized adult. 

For an adult or a teenager, the single mattress does not provide much room for turning side to side during the night. 

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Super single size

A Super Single mattress size is about 20% wider than the single size mattress.  This increases space for turning or to extend the elbows which translates to a better sense of comfort. 

We recommend a Super Single mattress for an adult.

S-Double mattress.jpg

Small double size

The Small double mattress size is 30% wider than a single size mattress.  

The small double is a great choice for a single sleeper.  It provides room for much manoeuvring and the quality of sleep is significantly improved.

Are you waking up with back pains?

Consider the buffer space ( the extra space on the mattress that allows you to turn and change positions during the night ).  For example, a 91 cm wide single size mattress can fit an adult, but it does not provide much room for turning.  Therefore, a 107 cm wide Super Single Bed size is recommended as it offers that buffer space.

queen mattress.jpg

Queen size

Measuring 152 cm wide, the Queen size mattress is the most popular mattress in Singapore and probably across the globe.  

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King size

At 182 cm wide, a King size mattress is an ideal choice if space is not a constraint.  It is also a better fit for larger individuals or if you have kids who like to share your bed. 

What if standard size don't work for you?

Do take note that mattress sizes vary considerably around the world.  For example, a Queen size mattress in Singapore may differ from one sold in Australia.  Therefore, it is important to note that if you purchased your Queen size bed frame from Australia, chances are a Singapore Queen will not fit.  



The standard length of a mattress in Singapore is 190 cm.  For a comfortable posture, there should be at least 10cm space from your head to the headboard and another 10cm space from your legs to the edge of the bed.   


Therefore, if you are taller than 180 cm, then chances are you will compromise on your sleeping posture.  So an extended length will be a better option.

std length mattress.jpg

Standard length

EU length mattress.jpg

Extended length

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Quick comparison of mattress sizes | Singapore

Single Mattress

91 x 190 cm | 200 cm



  • Takes up less space in the room

  • Smaller budget required



  • Not much room for an adult sleeper to turn

  • Reduced sleep quality for adults

Queen Mattress

 152 x 190cm | 200 cm



  • Provides couples adequate personal sleeping space

  • Beddings and accessories are easily available

  • Zero disturbance on Queen latex mattresses


  • Larger individuals may still find the Queen a little restrictive

  • Cannot accommodate your child ​

Super Single Mattress

107 x 190 cm | 200 cm



  • Improve sleep quality

  • Add-on price may not be too substantial



  • Takes up more space in the room

King Mattress

182 x 190 cm | 200 cm



  • Allows each partner their own space

  • Can accommodate your child if needed 

  • Can be personalised with a different firmness on each half of the mattress



  • Takes up a lot of space in the room

  • Expensive

Small Double Mattress

120 x 190 cm | 200 cm



  • Excellent comfort and sleep quality for the single sleeper

  • Can fit 2 adults for short-term use

  • Requires less space than a Queen



  • Not suitable for 2 adults in the long-term

  • Limited choices for bed sheets

What to consider when choosing a mattress  

  • Are you happy with your current mattress size?

    • Are you getting enough comfort and freedom for good sleep every night?  If not, you may find it more pleasant to go one size up.


  • Are you taller and heavier than average?

    • If you are tall or heavier, you may require a bigger mattress to be truly comfortable. For optimal comfort, consider buying a mattress that is at least 15-20cm longer than your height. 


  • Do you Toss and Turn a lot?

    • ​​Are you a disciplined sleeper, or do you change positions frequently?

    • When either one of you tosses or turns, getting a bigger mattress can give you a better night’s sleep and fewer disturbances for the other one.


  • Extra guests on your bed?

    • While the mattress you choose may be large enough for you and your partner, do consider that you may have to share your with your little ones or even your pets from time to time.  You don’t want to be pushed into a corner for lack of space.


  • ​How big is your room size?

    • Most importantly, remember to measure your room as well to make sure that the bed you are thinking of purchasing fits well in your room.  In fact, for any piece of furniture you choose, measure your space, doorways, hallways and stairs to see if you can get the piece into your room.  

You can find out more about world sizes here: world mattress sizes.

Customising the size


There are size variations brought about by bed frames imported from overseas, where at most times, they are wider and longer than the Singapore standard.  Use the following as a guide for customising a mattress:

1. Customizing lesser Width and Length of a standard mattress size
We can cut the mattress to your desired width or length. Just email us the dimensions ( L X W ) and select the preferred mattress collection.


2. Customizing Length and Width greater than W 182cm or L 200cm 
As a guide, the longest bed size would be California King size spec for North American furniture measurements is 213cm. 


3. IKEA bed frame sizes
We can customise a mattress to fit IKEA bed frames.  Just email us the dimensions ( L X W ) and select the preferred mattress collection.


More info. on customisation:  Made to Order mattress