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SYMFONI®  Junior  SD-4  Natural latex Mattress

SYMFONI® Junior SD-4 Natural latex Mattress

$737.00 Regular Price
$687.00Sale Price

Packed with features for the pre-schooler, the Junior Symfoni® is also an excellent choice for trundle beds, bunk/loft beds or for helpers. This single-density, seven-zone mattress is made with enough support for a lightweight adult but ideal thickness for a child's bed height. 


Main Features

  • One single, medium density layer of latex core
  • 7-zone body support for perfect spinal alignment.
  • Design for pre-schooler to early teens
  • Natural breathability for cool sleep
  • Naturally resistant to dust mite, bacteria and mould
  • Removable mattress cover for easy cleaning.
  • Single side of outer cover is water proof
  • Mattress thickness: 10cm
  • Available in single size, with 2 length - 190 cm or 200 cm
  • Free delivery included

The SYMFONI® Junior is a Natural Latex Mattress, made specially for children from 4 years old to early teens. Our Junior mattress has the following features:

Made with 98% Natural Latex & Tencel Fabric, the core is made with only real latex without any mix of synthetic or chemical fillers. Every aspect is considered carefully to make our natural latex mattress promote its natural characteristic of plush comforts, firm support, durability and sleeping chemically free!

The outer cover is designed with waterproof membrane on one-side . It is also removable and machine washable.

MATT TYPE :  All Pure Natural Organic Latex ( No Synthetic latex or Fillers )
DENSITY:  Medium  

SIZE OPTIONS: 1. Single  W 91 x L 190 cm  2. Single W 91 x L 200 cm
DEPTH : 10 cm


The removable Tencel outer cover is designed with a thin waterproofing membrane on one side (top side). This is to provide protection while your child needs it and allows you to switch over to the non-waterproof side when he/she does not anymore. 



Our pure latex mattresses provide responsive support that conforms to your body shape. It reacts instantly to every body movement to ensure comfortable and uninterrupted sleep. If you have been feeling aches in the morning, the SYMFONI® will give you that pin pointed relief on those areas like your shoulder and hips.  


Latex is naturally dust mite and mould resistant, without needing any checmical treatment. Great for infants and sleepers that has allegy problems.


Our Natural latex mattresses are naturally breathable  Without synthetic fillers, our natural latex mattress contains millions of microscopic air chambers that allow air to flow through its core. Unlike memory foam, it does not trap body heat and maintains a cool sleeping surface. 


With different Levels of firmness choices, your dont need to compromise on how your bed should feel like. We offer soft, medium comfort levels to suit specifically to your preferences. 


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