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When you think of customising a mattress, first consider the feasibility. Customising means more effort, extra wastage and cost because it is done specifically for you only. So some reasons for customising are not feasible.  

The most crucial question you need to answer when customising is whether it is worth the investment. For example, it is not worth spending money to customise a mattress only for short term use.

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The following are some reasons what are feasible to customise a mattress. The following are a few scenarios:

  1. A mattress to match an imported bed frame

  2. A mattress to match a custom-made bed frame or platform

  3. You are very tall or want an extra-large sleeping space

  4. A mattress for your Yacht

  5. The mattress needs a cut-off due to columns or odd wall angles 



We have come across some enquiries that proved to be scenarios where the cost of customising outweighs its benefits. The following are some:


  1. A mattress only for short term use.   

  2. Small mattress to fill gaps or add to the width or length of an existing bed.  

  3. Customise a mattress for sofa/beds that are not built to last or is already in poor condition.

  4. For tiny space that does not fit the sleeper adequately.



Our SYMFONI® latex mattress collection come in the following size specifications:

For Singapore bed frames:

Single: W 91 x 190 cm

Super Single W 107 x 190 cm  

Small Double W 120 x 190 cm

Queen W 152 x 190 cm

King W 182 x 190 cm


For longer options:

Single W 91 x 200 cm

Super Single W 107 x 200 cm  

Small Double W 120 x 200 cm

Queen W 152 x 200 cm

King W 182 x 200 cm

Common Made-to-Order sizes *
Super King W 193 x 203 cm
Custom King W 200 x 200 cm
California King W 182 x 213 cm
*Lead time is 6-8 weeks

>> More on Mattress sizes

Ok, the standard ones cannot fit; WHAT INFO IS NEEDED?  


1. Clarify the actual measurements

Every country has its standard bed dimensions ( W x L ) corresponding to each bed size. So you get terms like single size, queen size, king size and the more uncommon ones like a Super King or California king.  


These size specs can mean different measurements for different countries. For example, a queen size in Australia is 153 x 203 cm, vs a Singapore queen size, which is 152 x 190 cm. In Japan, their queen size bed is 160 x 195 cm.       


Furthermore, the dimensions of a bed frame can also vary due to the additional ornamentation added to the bed frame plus headboards or footboards. Sometimes, when a queen bed frame is specified as 153 x 195 cm, it can be for a 152 x 190 cm mattress because the measurement includes the headboard.

2. Decide on the mattress depth.

A natural latex core is very dense and does not have to be very thick to provide good support. In general, a 15cm latex mattress is adequate for an adult sleeper and a 20cm would match any premium mattress in the market. For example, a 10cm latex core can match or exceed the firmness of a 20cm spring or PU foam mattress.  


The options for mattress depth are relatively fixed and would be limited to the standard collections available. However, a custom depth is still possible, but it may take a longer lead time to make.    


At Bayshop, the following are the available depth:  


For lighter weight: 5cm and 10cm.

For heavier weight: 15cm, 20cm and 25cm.

Drop by our sleep studio for a meaningful sleep test to decide what thickness suits you best.  Make an exclusive appointment now: Book Studio Appointment

3. What is the Budget?


At BayShop, we specialise only in all-natural latex mattresses. Therefore, they are only made for the long term and do not come in low-cost options like PU foams or spring coil mattresses. For example, a custom single mattress starts from $500 onwards.


Every mattress is a long-term investment in your back care and sleep quality.


Drop by for a chat with our sleep experts and a 45-minute Sleep Test with no obligations.

Our Sleep Studio is conveniently located next to the MacPherson MRT station.



Step 1: Browse our mattress collection: Look through our product pages

Step 2: Contact Us: Send us the specific dimensions for a quotation to consider.

Step 3: Set an appointment: Come to sleep-test our mattress collections 

Step 4: Finalise details for your decision-making




At BayShop, we specialise only in all-natural latex mattresses made from organic sap from rubber trees via the Dunlop method. No synthetic stuff and no springs attached. Naturally, organic latex cores are very dense and do not need to be very thick to provide adequate support.  


An all-natural latex mattress can also add slight variations to its final dimensions. Latex cores are vulcanised using organic substances, and because nature has a mind of its own, there is always a slight tolerance in its final dimensions.


Therefore, latex cores are never perfect, but they offer almost perfect support for great sleep. It is a natural characteristic of organic latex products from nature.


Be Rest Assured

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