Why do you need to customise your mattress size or bed frame?


We have many clients that come from other countries and also Singaporeans who have relocated back from abroad.  This means imported bed frames or day-beds that are of different size specifications.  This would also include the beddings that they have invested in.  


Secondly, there are clients that are extra tall and cannot fit the standard mattress length.  Example if you are above 1.9m tall, you will need a bed that is 2m or even longer.  Sleeping on a standard Singapore mattress will compromise your sleeping-posture, reducing the quality of your nightly rest.  


In land-scarce Singapore, rooms are getting smaller and people are getting more creative in space planning their bedrooms.  Foldaway beds, custom platforms and day beds are used for creating space and function.


At bayshop, we have the know-how and experience in customising beds for the following:


  1. mattresses longer than 2m

  2. custom width and length to fit small spaces eg. helper's room

  3. custom thickness to fit height constraints without sacrificing quality

  4. a mattress that caters to sleeping and sitting needs for sofa beds

  5. cushions bay windows


Pillars and columns in the rooms can create gaps of spaces in bedrooms, making the bed odd-shaped.  When we customise odd-shape mattress for clients, we help to normalise the bed shape.  This will restore better use of the sleeping surface.


Other examples that require odd-shaped mattresses:


  1. Oval-shaped baby cots

  2. Bay windows within pillars

  3. Sofa cushions or sofa-beds

  4. Yachts​


Having beds in the sea exposes all the components within the mattress.  Spring mattresses are made with PU foams and steel springs, materials that are not suitable for high humidity environment.


On the other hand, latex cores are not susceptible to high humidity as they are naturally fungi and dust mite proof.  Also, latex mattresses are flexible and can to fit into spaces, plus they are foldable when required.  Because of these characteristics, they will last a long time and provide consistent quality of sleep and rest.


The bed frame plays a part in the overall look of your bedroom.  Off-the-shelf bed frames can be restrictive and may not offer enough choices to match your aspirations for your bedroom.   Some of the aspects that to consider are the following: 

  • Upholstery 

  • Colours

  • Design 

While comfort is the foundation, a matching design provides the icing on the cake to complete the ideal bedroom that you can look forward to slumber into each and every night.


Feel free to email us your custom needs.  Be Rest Assured.

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