3 Reasons You Should Test Out a Mattress In Person

If you sleep for an average of eight hours each night, you'll spend about 229,961 hours of your lifespan snoozing. It's equivalent to 13,797,660 minutes, or 9,581 days, or 26.25 years.

So whichever way you prefer to look at it, you'll spend about one-third of your life lying in bed. That's too much time to spend lying on an uncomfortable mattress. Furthermore, that one-third of your life is too important to trust untested online mattress offers or questionable advice from online reviews.

1. Every "body" is different

Our bodies are all made differently, in more ways than one. For example, a lightweight sleeper does not preclude having a small frame; the opposite is true. So it does not make sense that a 110-kg pro wrestler with a bad back would sleep well on the same mattress as a child weighing 30kgs. The truth is that no two sleeper's preferences and needs are exactly alike, and you can't trust a website to know which mattress you need.

So, a one-size for all mattress based on a formula or technology will not cut it. The bed we sleep on needs to respond to our body shape and weight and not the other way round. Ok, granted, the sleeper may need to adjust a little sometimes, but it should not take too long.

At BayShop, it is our conviction that a good mattress needs to meet three fundamental criteria:

Firm support