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The 5 Cs for falling asleep quicker - in a fast paced city like Singapore

1. Be Consistent

Sleep and wake up at the same time daily. This will help anchor your body's circadian rhythm.

2. Warm Colours

Use only warm coloured lights at night and reduce exposure to blue lights. Examples are florescent lights & computer screens.

3. Cool environment

Keep you room temperature cool and purchase mattresses that breathes well. Mattresses made with natural materials like natural latex breathes well and maintains a cool sleeping surface.

4. Caffeine cut-off time

Avoid caffeinated drinks after 2pm. Heavy consumption of alcohol also reduces your quality of sleep.

5. Keep Calm

If you find it hard to fall asleep, get up to a different room and read a boring book (in warm light) or meditate to calm down. When the sleepiness comes back, then return back to your bed.

Video by Matthew Walker - Professor of Neuroscience at UC Berkeley

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