When a mattress doesn’t feel like you thought it did after you brought it home - not providing that support you deserve. Or it feels so harsh on your neck and shoulders, makes you wonder if a hard mattress was such a good idea after all. For these problems, we offer a solution. Our mattress toppers are a reliable, cost-effective way to instantly rejuvenate your old mattress or add a layer of plushness to that hard mattress. Made with only natural latex, you’ll rescue your sleep and wake up refreshed every morning.


Rescue your sinking mattress and elevate yourself back to the ideal sleeping posture 

Enjoy the gentle contouring of soft density topper made for pressure-relieving comforts.

SymFoni All-Natural Latex Mattress Topper

SymFoni All-Natural Latex Mattress Topper

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Our all-natural latex mattress toppers are made with only natural latex and contain no synthetic latex or fillers.

Achieving up to 98.5% latex composition, our toppers are the most durable and comfortable topper in Singapore

Naturally, it sleeps perfectly cool for Singapore's climate.



Our mattress toppers are responsive to your weight and moulds to your body shape. It reacts instantly to every body movement to ensure dynamic support, providing the highest comfort for uninterrupted sleep throughout.


If you have been feeling aches in the morning, our pure latex mattress will give you that pinpointed relieve in those areas where your hard mattress are pressing upon.


And because our latex is made under Dunlop process, it is not too soft or bouncy like Talalay latex and memory foam. Read more


Our natural latex mattress toppers contain millions of microscopic air chambers that allow air to flow through its core.  Therefore, they are naturally breathable and maintains a cool sleeping surface in our hot and humid climate.


Unlike memory foam, it is quick to respond to your body movement and does not trap body heat in the core.


Also, with our free cover upgrade program, all our clients that have purchased a mattress topper can easily upgrade to a full latex mattress by just purchasing a base core.  Contact us for more information.


I was having back issues due to sleeping on a mattress that was too soft (memory foam). I decided to get a latex mattress topper (3 inches). It gave the right amount of support while still being very comfortable. My back pain has gone away and I highly recommend latex mattresses / toppers. The customer service was great as I was able to go down try out the mattress topper, and they were able to expedite my delivery and order earlier (which really helped relieve my back pain). Thanks for the great customer service

—  Tilden Wu


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