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A 2017 study on sleeping position preferences shows that the majority of adults prefer sleeping on their side. It was also found that in people with higher BMIs and older groups, there is an associated increase of preference for sleeping on one's side.


Preferences aside, there are benefits to sleeping on one's side. For example, in a phone interview study conducted in Australia, researchers found that majority of the respondents who slept on their side did not experience waking cervical, scapular, and arm pain upon waking.

People who particularly benefit from side-sleeping are the above-average in weight, as well as the pregnant. In addition, Side-sleeping can help prevent apnea and, in turn, snoring, as it helps maintain open airways. Side sleeping has also been recommended for those suffering from acid reflux, but choosing one's left side is recommended.


As with the other sleeping positions, there are features in a mattress that will help grant a full night's rest. Side sleepers need to be particular about support, relief of pressure points, and spinal alignment.

For sleeping on one's side, the mattress should be firm enough to support the entire body but should not be too firm as to press in your shoulder to the rest of your body. There should be a balance between resistance (force pushing the body up) and catch (ability to hug the body). This balance is especially important in side-sleeping to prevent stiffness upon waking and pain in the neck and the shoulder that you sleep on.

A good mattress for side sleeping must be firm enough not to allow the body to merely sink into the bed. The body must still be well-supported. However, the mattress should not be too firm as to be like a board, where the shoulder, hip, and knee would experience increased pressure. A good mattress for sleeping on one's side should conform to the body but support adequately.

Regardless of your body's needs and preferences, the twin-density design of our SymFoni® mattresses is the versatile answer. Adequate body support and relief of pressure points are functions of the firmness of the mattress. Because the SymFoni® mattresses are designed with twin-densities, using the more comfortable layer on top will allow side sleepers to experience that comfortable catch and conformation to their body but still have the adequate firm support at the bottom layer of the mattress. This is our elegant solution for maximum comfort and a perfect sweet spot when sleeping on one's side. To demystify the twin densities of our mattresses, read here: SYMFONI MATTRESS.

Contour pillow support neck of sleeper
Neck support


To maximise the excellent features of our latex mattresses, choose a pillow of good size (relative to your proportions) that can support the neck and head whilst keeping the spinal alignment.

A good option is pillows designed with a contour profile compared to your run of the mill soap dish shaped pillows. Contour pillows are designed with a higher profile where your neck is and a lower plane where your head is positioned. Refer to the actual photo of how our SymFoni® contour pillows and mattresses catch the body, neck and head when you're side sleeping.

If side-sleeping is a prescribed position for you, you can be savvy and create the optimal environment for your sleep.

Be Rest Assured


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