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LATEX Mattress four advantages over spring mattress

Updated: Apr 25

There are different considerations when choosing a mattress. Comfort includes the way the mattress lifts the body during sleep, as well as the temperature the mattress maintains with body contact. There are other factors, such as spinal support, noise, and resistance to allergens that need to be considered when settling the important question of a good night’s rest.

Innersprings, an old technology, are the spring stilts that elevate the sleeping surface, which was usually made of layers of foam or latex. It was formerly the only way to create a feel of lift, as there was space between the springs allowing for flexibility of the mattress. The advent of foam and new developments in latex brought in new possibilities in mattress comfort.


Latex leads the current technology. Innersprings mattresses start off at a low cost point but do not answer the need for the proper spinal alignment or no noise during motion during sleep. Latex mattresses allow air to circulate within the mattress and therefore stays cool upon body contact. With Latex mattresses, you are assured that body stress is relieved as there is strong support for all points. For a spring mattress to ensure all these points, the price of the mattress would be prohibitive.

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Latex lasts longer. Latex is naturally resilient and lasts for over 10 to 15 years, unlike spring mattresses, which deteriorate considerable from the third year onwards. You are assured of:

  • Lasting Support : whereas spring mattresses will breakdown & wear off as it ages, latex mattress will maintain its elasticity 3-4 times the duration of poly-foams.

  • Lasting Coolness : Latex is naturally breathable due to its open cell structure. Spring Mattresses have layers of PU foam that is characteristically warm, so the more plush and layered spring mattresses trap more heat within those layers.

  • Lasting Protection : Latex is by nature resistant to dust mites and mold. Springs mattresses use chemicals to achieve protection against dust mites and mold, and this feature will wear off in the 3rd year onwards.


Choosing Latex invests in your quality of life, because it ensures better sleep. Point by point comparisons of Latex versus Spring mattresses show that factors like being free from dust mite and allergens, lasting support, breathable material, all chalk up to how Latex promotes good health.


Latex mattresses offer Natural Softness without sacrificing complete support. It is easy for sleeper to turn and is frictionless to the sleeper, therefore there is less stress during sleep. The feel is plush but firm, thus alleviates back pain. A spring mattress tries to mimic the plush feel of latex, but that requires adding to the layers of mattress and so adds to the cost.

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